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We are a company that brings workers around the world, to help American companies overcome the challenge of constant labor shortages and increase worker retention rates.
We do this through the United States Government H2 Immigration programs and EB3 Employment Based Third Preference. International Recruiting Agency brings trained and high-qualified workers for your needs, takes care of the immigration process through our partners, and helps your new employees to relocate to the United States.
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Agricultural Farmer Workers

America has a farm labor shortage. According to a Farm Bureau survey, more than 40% of farmers have been unable to obtain all the workers they needed for the production of their main crop.


“I don’t need more business; I need more people to do the work.” This is the underlying sentiment that landscape contractors and association representative’s expresses in USA. Landscaping has the second highest worst unemployment rate by industry.


We all can easily see how the labor shortage may place increasing pressure on big travel and hospitality companies to treat their workers the best in 2019.


A sever labor shortage will continue to plague the construction industry through 2019, driving up construction costs further. A recent report from the Associated General Contractors of America shows that 79% of construction companies want to hire more employees.

Food Prep

America has a food prepper shortage.According to the hospitality and food Industry shortage survey, more than 20% of restaurants have been unable to obtain all the workers they needed for optimal operations.

Delivery/Truck Drivers

The companies in America are facing truck and delivery driver shortages, and they cannot find enough qualified people locally to fill their positions. Those companies come to us looking for talent from the international labor market – which is where you come

H2 and EB3 Program Experts

H-2 Visa programs designed to provide American business with the temporary or seasonal help they need from foreign guest workers. There are two different programs to choose from bases on your business type: H-2A or H-2B. H-2A visas are for agricultural workers and H-2B for low skilled seasonal, temporary or peak load worker needs.

EB3 – Employment Based Third Preference Program is a long-term solution to the labor shortages. Choosing this program provides companies with a more stabilized workforce and constant stream of reliable applicants.

Discover more about how International Recruiting Agency can help you with your H2 and EB3 visa needs.

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