Looking for more workers?

Are you having a hard time finding workers? We can help you resolve that issue you are facing!

The Unites States government allow companies with a labor shortage to hire workers from abroad. International Recruiting Agency brings trained and high-qualified workers for your needs, takes care of the immigration process through our partners, and helps your new employees to relocate to the United States.



Our recruiting process has been built in a way to prepare the best qualified workers that will perform best in your company.

We prepare our workers before they come to the United States. The advantages on recruiting workers from IRA:

  • We run English classes with American teachers for our workers prior come to the USA
  • We run classes that teach our workers culture of America that gives them the knowledge they need to be productive in the United States and professional environment.
  • We run specific training classes for our delivery and truck drivers. On top of that we do make sure our workers are able to get their CDL once they come to the USA.

Filing Process

The process for filling paperwork to the government can be a headache and time assuming. In order to recruit H2 or EB-3 workers from the abroad, a U.S. employer have to receive authorization from the Deparment of Labor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Serivces.

Our legal parthers help us through this process. IRA is with you the entire certification process with great attention to details.


We want to make sure that your new employees are set up for success right from the start. So we do everything we can to make the transition from their home countries to the United States as smooth as possible.

  • We help our workers to arrange transportation to the United States.
  • We provide workers with an orientation session that gives them the knowledge they need to be productive in the U.S. culture and professional environment.
  • We assist workers with setting up social security numbers, opening bank accounts, completing drug screens, and signing up for medical benefits.
  • We work with employers and employees to coordinate housing.
  • We meet our employees at the airport and transporting them to your company’s headquarters.