About Us

International Recruiting Agency is an employer agent providing workers for all sized U.S. companies. We scout highly qualified trained workers around the world, to help American companies overcome the challenge of constant labor shortages in increase worker retention rates. Buyan U. Bayarsaikhan, owner and founder, fueled with passion to make a difference in people’s lives, clients are gently guided through this complex process with the ultimate goal to eliminate all frustrations that is typical when working with these government programs and international placements. Buyan came to the US from Mongolia in 2002 and clients on both sides will have the benefit of working with someone who truly understands and care about the human elements involved in these transactions.

Mission Statement

To help workers have a job worth having, to help owners worth have a business and to help others have lives worth living

Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide an excellent full recruitment service to our clients; we are committed to excellence, quality client service and integrity in our field.